Proverbs 1: What is Wisdom?

What is Wisdom?

Many grow up without a daddy.

I’m not talking about Birth-Man. I’m talking about a daddy. A guide. A wise sage who helps his child(ren) navigate rough waters by modeling the fruit of the spirit.

Even if you have or had a daddy that fits this description, maybe you chose not to listen to his counsel but now recognize the value.

That’s why I’m drawn to Proverbs. It affords me the opportunity to receive instruction I craved (or didn’t know I craved) as a young man growing up without a daddy. However, this instruction comes from a divine source.

I think many crave the same thing and that is why I invite you to walk with BTC through 31 days of Proverbs.

Wisdom calls. Let’s hear it. Let’s respond!

The Beginning of Knowledge

We like beginnings. There is always an excitement at the start of a challenge. There is always hope in a new season or a new venture. It’s usually at the start of something that we haven’t been tested yet and where we are the most confident. There is a lot of knowledge yet to be obtained, but it doesn’t stop us from starting.

Proverbs starts with a reminder to avoid overconfidence when it comes to gaining knowledge.

It advises to Fear the Lord.

Does it mean to tremble and remain immovable out of a dread? No, the fear of the Lord means that we recognize His sovereignty over our being and every situation and circumstance. This fear shouldn’t render us immovable, but it should spur us to act confidently out of this recognition.

When we get beyond the exciting beginnings and into the murky middles, it is easy to be motivated by fear of man or circumstance based on what we can’t control.

A constant fear of the Lord allows us to once again seek knowledge that surpasses understanding by recognizing God is in control.

The Enticement of Sinners

Sin comes in many forms. In our culture, sin is celebrated and broadcast over the airwaves, uploaded and downloaded via the Internet and made visible in magazines.

Sin is also winked at in boardrooms, government offices and schools. Enticement to sin is everywhere and it is usually presented to others so that one might benefit at the cost of another.

Proverbs warns against this enticement and instructs not to consent. This ties in with the fear of the lord, for when the murky middles hit and fear of man and circumstances entice one to take an improper route, remembering God’s sovereignty and His desire for purity in thought and action will help conquer the enticement to sin.  

Without a healthy fear of the Lord, wisdom will resemble what the culture says is wise.

The Call of Wisdom

Though sin is dominating our culture, wisdom keeps calling out. It promises security, ease and an absence of dread versus the consequences of sin, which lead to insecurity, difficulty and disaster for all who embrace it. I haven’t met anyone that told me they prefer to be unwise. But I do know there is confusion about what the wise thing to do is. Without a healthy fear of the Lord, wisdom will resemble what the culture says is wise. But with a culture bent toward sin, that wisdom will prove fruitless.

Seek wisdom, but seek it from the Lord. Seek it everyday. Every hour. Every minute.

Know that it comes from a daddy that loves you.

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