Logos 10 Review and BTC Special Pricing

I’ve been using Logos now for over a decade and when I started, I wanted to find Bible software that was easy to use and would contain as much information as I would need to go deeper in studying God’s Word. Not only has Logos provided this help in studying God’s Word, but has blown my expectations even more with how much they provide for you to learn.

They continue to get better, faster, and improve their data with new resources every year, and this time, there’s no exception with Logos 10. Here’s a sneak peak of the release of Logos 10 and some details below on my favorite new additions.

Very Fast and Modern Design

One of my favorite parts of this is its new speed and modern design, especially with me being on a mac. So many Bible software companies out there are still really outdated, load slow, and are even still blurry on some retina screens. I really love that when I’m prepping and doing research that I’m not having to keep pausing while things are loading over and over again. This is probably my most favorite feature of Logos that is even better in Version 10 now.

Searching Printed Books, Digitally

I still have tons of paper books, which is great and all, but to have them all in one place is another thing. You can scan printed books in Logos 10 and then after scanning them in, utilize search to search not only the content that was already in Logos, but now the content that was in your paper book. Incredibly handy to have it all in one place!

Biblical Timeline

Logos has already had timelines within the Bible to help you but they’ve improved that with new options to navigate it and help you find the historical context even faster. That way you can go as deep as you want or get straight to the point spending as little or as much time as you want.

Instant Search Results

Searching around can be cumbersome and just take so much time, before you know it, you were bogged down searching instead of studying. The speed in Logos 10 instant search results just lets you keep going without a hitch in the process. You almost have to load it up and start typing to see it for yourself.

BTC Special Pricing

We’ve partnered with Logos to help provide our partners here at Before The Cross 25% off by visiting this link!

Logos states that their ultimate mission is to serve the Church and I believe they have done exactly that and will continue to do so in the future with whatever it is God is leading them to do.


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