It’s OK Not Having All The Answers

It's OK Not Having All The Answers
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Christianity is not about having all the answers and knowing everything. Being a follower of Christ does not equal being a Biblical Scholar (not that there’s anything wrong with that). In fact, I would say it’s quite the opposite and as believers in Jesus, it’s a lifelong commitment to learning and growing in our walk with Him. The sooner we can admit that it’s ok to not have all the answers, the better.

The Bible is full of examples of when the disciples didn’t quite get it. When Jesus talked about the parable of the sower in Mark 4, His followers had to ask Him about it afterwards (Mark 4:10-13). When Jesus rose again from the dead and appeared to some of them, the rest of the disciples didn’t believe it (Mark 16:12-13).

These are Jesus’ disciples! They were right there with Him, actually physically walking with Him, witnessed many miracles in their prescense, and still at the end of the day…they didn’t always quite get it. If the disciples didn’t always have all the answers or even doubted Jesus at times, then how much more do you think we won’t have the answers or doubt Jesus ourselves?

He was patient with them every step of the way and He is still patient with us today. We can find great encouragement in the fact that we don’t have to have all the answers. As we continue to walk in our relationship with Christ and grow, here are 3 things to remember when talking with others about the Gospel:

“I Don’t Know” Is Safe To Say

Most of us think that if we mention something like this in a conversation, then it sounds like we are fake and don’t know anything. Maybe we fear that we’ll lose an opportunity by not having the answer? Whatever reason we think it is inexcusable to say something like this, next time you find yourself at this part of the conversation…try it.

For example, when you find yourself in this moment, say “I don’t know, but I will look that up and get back with you.” That is incredibly legit to tell someone. It’s not like you have the entire Bible memorized (if you do, that’s awesome…congrats). If they are expecting you to have it all memorized, that’s another conversation for another day involving major silliness on their part.

Be Authentic, Don’t Impress

On the other end, there is no need to talk to someone like you have all the answers. Not only is that prideful, therefore sinful, but that turns people off faster then probably screaming in their face (both are bad options). The more “real” you can be with someone, the better. No one is impressed with an amazing amount of theology if you’re not loving them.

Instead, as you share the Gospel and how God has made a difference in your life, let them know you don’t have all the answers and you’re cool with that. You might be surprised by the response in your conversation. I’ve noticed people are actually more attracted to that statement when you’re being authentic. There’s just something about having a real conversation, with a real person, who genuinely has an interest in just loving you.

Let Scripture Be The Authority

At the end of the day we can rely on the Bible to do the talking and have all the answers. Not only is it breathed out by God and perfect, but it can be used in all areas of life and equips the saints for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

For that reason, we must take the Word of God seriously. We need to read and study it daily, pray through it, and treat it as the authority in our lives. If we are talking more than the Bible, that’s a problem.

Ultimately, when you became a follower of Christ, did you know everything? Did you learn everything within the next year? How about 5 years after that? What about now? You can see where I am going with this. We will never know everything and have all the answers.

The quicker we can be confident in not having all the answers, the quicker we will be giving God all the glory. Let’s read the Bible, pray to our Father, and rely on the Holy Spirit to lead us in our conversations with others as we share the Gospel and build up the Church.

Questions: Do you ever think you need to have all the answers? Have you ever come across someone who claims to have all the answers? Please comment below.


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Joseph Shumway
Joseph Shumway
29 days ago

I really struggle with this need for control and knowing everything this was really helpful

9 years ago

Not to be cute, but it’s about Who you know, not what you know, right? On that day, God isn’t going to say, “You didn’t know enough.”

Mike Mobley
Mike Mobley
Reply to  knickyo
9 years ago

Thanks for sharing…yes I would agree the emphasis is Jesus and not just knowledge. Hopefully that was conveyed in the post. Thanks so much!

Mary Harwell Sayler
Mary Harwell Sayler
9 years ago

Mike, this word will speak to Christian poets, writers, and other communicators for Christ, so I’ll highlight your post on the Christian Poets & Writers blog – Thanks and blessings.

Mike Mobley
Mike Mobley
Reply to  Mary Harwell Sayler
9 years ago

Thanks so much Mary!



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